What else is there to see and do after the ENC conference?

The Netherlands has a rich history and culture with plenty of things to see and experience. We will inform you on this page about some events and concerts that will take place at the time.

In the May/June period, weather is usually very pleasant and is inviting to spend time in a park, on a lake or at the sandy beaches. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised for an occasional shower.

You can visit Anne Frank’s house or the world famous museums with pictures of Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh. At this time we call your attention to some new and very cool art museums that have opened recently in the Amsterdam area. Geniet ervan (Enjoy)!

Huge museum, collossal artworks, great experience


Fabrique des Lumières
Digital art center in fomer gas plant

Nxt museum
Home of new media art to open your mind

Our House

Our House
Forty years of electronic dance music culture